How we do "Sustainable"

sustainable jars


We use Sulapac ® to accelerate the plastic waste-free future.

Whilst exploring the plastic free options out there for packaging our products we discovered Sulapac.

"Sulapac ® Designed like Nature" turned our heads as it seems a perfect marriage for our 100% Natural Skincare products.

We love the stylish look of them as much as the fact that they are completely compostable.


Our labels are made using Biodegrable  NatureFlex™ film.

Self adhesive labels using NatureFlex™ , water based inks  with a fully compostable acrylic adhesive to ensure natural breakdown during composting.

Like our Jars & Product we leave no micro plastic footprint.

Sustainable - labels
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Our entire skincare range is made using 100% Natural Ingredients.

Produced for us in a factory in the EU which ensures they adhere to EU standards and are fully certified.

We feel fortunate that they hold their processes, from manufacturing and packaging to high sustainable standards.