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Rescue Me - Animal Adoption Sitges, Spain

Rescatame, Animals for Adoption of Cubelles, Spain is a group of volunteers dedicated to finding homes for more than 60 animals from the rescue centre in Culelles, Spain (45 km south of Barcelona). The centre is being forced to close very soon by the local council and property developers; the animals have nowhere else to go.
"We want to find them a home, and have created this page with a group of volunteers 1) to raise awareness of this critical situation 2) with the determination that we can find loving families and people to share their lives with these animals." The Rescatme team xx

At Innerbark we are huge animal lovers so it seems only right that we would support an Animal Rescue Charity.

We discovered "Rescue Me - Animal Adoption Sitges, Spain" when we moved to Spain in September 2019.

Innerbark are supporting the Rescatme charity by donating a percentage of all sales to the cause.  So by buying Innerbark you are doing your bit to help the animals find their Loving Forever Home.

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By giving a forever home to an animal in need you are literally changing lives

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Help us to to spread the Rescatme message far and wide. Increasing the reach together


Each one of us can make a difference, together we can make change